Back from the Arctic

Here we are again in Whitehorse. Back from really cold nights. Back from really deep snow. Back from the arctic tundra.

While driving through this winter wonder land the inside temperature in our tiny little van creeped below zero. Thick layers of ice formed on the inside of our windshield, our feet slowly turned into blocks of ice and the puppies cuddled under layers of blankets. Every thirty minutes all of us jumped out and ran circles around the van. Without a heater definitely our best bet to stay warm. And yet it was so beautiful. It was pure magic and worth every mile.

Occasionally our rusty, old van got stuck on snow covered mountains. But with our set of snow chains everything seemed possible.

So we kept going north. Every night we cooked hot stew over the open fire while the snow flakes swirled around our faces. Inside our van we lit candles and warmed our feet with hot rocks that we heated up over the fire. It smelled like red cedar, ginger tee and woodsmoke. And it all felt like the perfect cabin experience.

But when the ice in our van became thicker than our insulation and the snow outside the windows became deeper than our boots we decided to turn around. Slipping and sliding over that icy stretch of the Klondike Highway we arrived in Whitehorse a few days later, parked our van in front of our favourite musician’s home, ate delicious cinnamon buns in the morning and watched action movies in the evening. What a contrast. And what a live.

But we still want more. We will spend our winter here. Eventually the temperature will drop below -40 celsius and we will have to trade that rolling home for a little cabin with a real wood stove. But that time has not come yet and so we are still living in the real #vanlife. But the cold version of it 😉

See you on the open road one day

Peter & Sophie