Cabinlife. For the first time since we sat down in our rusty, old van a year ago we swopped our folding bed for a real bed. For the first time since a year we had a real kitchen and enough space over our heads to stand up!

No running water, no shower, no electricity even. We heated with a wood stove, and fired up a generator when we needed power for our electric devices. Even at -40 C we only had an outhouse. And yet for us it felt like unbelievable luxury.

Space. A solid bed. A stove. Light. And most importantly warmth… because how incredible is it when your
cloth ain’t frozen solid in the morning?

We melted snow, split wood and learned how to use snowshoes in 2 meters of untouched, powdery snow. The husky dog loved the long walks into the mountains while our doberman dogs started freezing easily. Even with several layers of jackets.

The world around us looked like a winter wonder land and everything felt like Christmas. We cut our own Christmas tree and the dogs hauled it back to the cabin. And while the northern lights flickered in the winter nights we watched many good movies and read even more good books.

It was a really magical time. And as 2018 began our time in that cabin slowly came to an end. We didn’t want to leave this place, nor the wonderful husky dog and neither did the van…

See you on the open road one day

Peter & Sophie