Hip city at the pacific ocean- San Francisco

San Francisco. Hip city at the pacific ocean. The golden gate bridge. Shark infested waters and Alcatraz.
It took us another day of driving to get here after Yosemite. But this time it was all downhill. And that was a lot easier for all of us. Especially the rusty, old van off course.
As soon as we made to into the city we wanted to head to this famous bridge. Shoot a photo of proof. After all that rusty, old van makes it further than most people thought. However what’s next? The city offers you a variety of steep streets. And that’s no fun when you are driving a rusty, old Volkswagen Bus. All we can do is park that van close to the sea and walk. So walking we did. A lot. With the dogs. Without the dogs. Hungry. Not hungry… But never with that van. And we were freezing a lot. Because picture that San Francisco in the summer is as cold as a german winter morning before the first snow.
But we saw a lot of San Francisco. And it is a really beautiful city. The pacific ocean is always glistering around the next corner and many hip stores or relaxed coffee places look inviting enough to have you spend more than you should. And after we enjoyed a spectacular 4th of July Firework over the harbour of the city we wanted to leave for Highway 1. Northbound. But than our van happened… More about that next time. Stay tuned

See you on the open road one day

Peter & Sophie