The vanlife travelers

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The Travelers About Us


This is the story about a van, adventure, beauty and all those things that happen when two people and two dobermans decide to live wild and free on 12 rusty sqft.

Meet the Vanlife travelers


Outdoorsman and photographer from northern Germany with a never ending wanderlust. Living his dream and following his passion. Especially when he’s not lying in the oily dirt underneath our rusty, old van.


My beautiful soulmate and the teams talented artist. A small, town girl from central Germany with a passion for red foxes, rusty, old Volkswagen Vans and Merlot.



A slightly difficult and overprotective female Doberman. The merciless guardian of the family.



Another Doberman. But still a puppy. Playful, cute and goofy but easily spooked.

Before the rusty old van

So we lived the usual big city life. Getting up early and going out for dinner in the evening. “Normality”. Routines and expanses. Only our vacations we spent in the wilderness of Lappland, Northern Scandinavia. Just the two of us, many mosquitos and our beloved, foldable Ally-Canoe. No Dobermans. And long before Vanlife We picked a wild river and after days of driving through the beauty of Swedish summers we parked our car at the end of the road to paddle upstream. Further into the wild. With no phone, no computer and no watches neither. Free, naked (not always), together. 

And than I got the offer to work for a Mexican company. In the steel sector. It sounded like something you would wonder about all your life if you didn’t at least try. But after living and working for one year in northern Mexico it was time to start something new. Vanlife was calling us. We bought an old and quite rusty VW T2c panel wagon build here in Mexico in 1997 and converted it in our own home on wheels. And so the journey began…