Mexican Blankets

Sophie lying on a colourful Mexican blanket on a rock overseeing the ocean under a sunny skyAs iconic as enormous sombreros, cactus and silver tequila those colourful Mexican blankets symbolise the essence of Mexico. Handmade under an everlasting sun you’ll forget about rainy days while they keep you warm on cold winter days. And with their bright colours and simple patterns they will always put a smile on your face and let you remember those beautiful golden summer days.

It’s not even a wonder that they turn every picnic spot into the centre of the evergreen tropics. Parrots will be circling the air above your heads and dolphins parting the waters around you while warm rays of sunshine warm your soul 😉

Every single of our Mexican blankets is an absolutely unique piece of art and available only once. Choose the one that you prefer and make sure to order before anybody else does.