Mexican devil masks

Those rare tribal masks from central Mexico bring home stories of adventure and the mystery of exotic cultures. A reminder of a world still so full of magical secrets. When we found those Mexican devil masks on a tiny Mexican market we were fascinated right away. Handmade by one specially skilled mask maker who uses all his talent, love, lots of time and the simplest tools they embody the excitement of the unknown. And as part of the Mexican culture masks like this were used in traditional dances that evolve around the idea of evil spirits and morality.

It is hard to turn away from a mask like this. Their liveliness created with simple tools and beautiful colors are an incredible eye-catcher. And if you dare wear them under a full moon and dance away the evil spirits in your life 😉

Every single devil mask is an absolutely unique piece of art and only available once. Choose the mask that you prefer and make sure to order before anybody else does.