The plan

Let the transformation begin

Our rusty old VW van with Merida our doberman looking out of the passenger's windowFor all of you who are wondering here is a quick heads up. Right now we are not yet living in that rusty, old van. And it will take a lot of time until we will be moving into our van finally. Instead we rented an apartment in Mazatlan. Our plan is to prepare that Volkswagen Type 2 while living in Paradise.
Before we can even start to think about moving into our van we have to put so much more into that car. Our engine is not nearly as reliable as we need it. And the oxidation on some parts is heavy. Yet after one year in Monclova we decided that we need to do all that work someplace else.

Sophie drinking out of a fresh coconut in the shadow of palm tree leafsTherefor Sophie and I quit our jobs in July. And as soon as the van’s engine was running good enough we moved to Mazatlan. Here we have everything to stay sane while the van and our new website consume most of our time during the day. Yet in the mornings the four of us go for a long run along the pacific shoreline. In the evenings we can prepare fresh fish from the market. If we feel like it even relax in some laid back restaurant or a bar downtown. And as soon as we have a moment of spare time we just grab the surfboards or some scuba equipment and spice it all up.