One night on a Rest Area of Freeway 5

So we made it from Venice Beach to Oceanside. But off course not without problems. This time we got stuck on the freeway. Just 11 miles from our destination. However that wasn’t that bad. We spent our night on a rest area of freeway 5. And we slept long and wonderful. Those last 11 miles were no problem on the next day so that we had the chance to meet two very close friends and make some new ones in Oceanside, CA. So we enjoyed a few days of jam nights and sightseeing.
And after a few days we headed north again. Up Highway 1 as far as possible. Very soon it turned out that Highway 1 is closed long before it becomes beautiful. So we only made it up to Morro Bay. Luckily. Because over here we actually met some more amazing people. And we had an really amazing night with hot dogs and cold beer together with Shelby and Joshua from Headednowherefast.

See you on the open road one day

Peter & Sophie