Building Exactly Nothing

Building exactly nothing

Ordering the equipment for our van meant to stuff this tiny car with all those boxes and even moreThe rusty, old van couldn’t be fixed that easily so we left him behind to organize our paperwork, registere the rusty, old van (without the van) and to cross the border to the United States a hundred times. No, not to engage in some illegal activities. Ordering the equipment for our van instead.

And as we would not be living as close to the American border in the future we were ordering the equipment for our van to a warehouse on the other side of the border. And with everything I am actually talking about everything. Cereal bars, bikinis, jerry cans, self tapping screws. You name it, we ordered it. Even the mattress we needed was not available in Mexico. No I’m not talking about that light blue, circular shaped deluxe thing. I am actually talking about a simple foam mattress in the dimensions suitable for two grown ups.

So I packed Mérida, our slightly overprotective, female Doberman and drove that 250 km back and forth every day. One week in a row. Since I only had that tiny companies car I mentioned before, I had to unpack everything to fit more into that tiny car.  And while our living room filled with water cans, fuses and cooking pots our worries about loading space increased. Consequently we handed out more and more of our fancy clothes to a few good friends.
And now with hardly more clothes than the ones we are wearing the impatience increases and the rusty, old van still has his issues.