Captured moments

Captured Moments Photos from the Road


Yosemite Nationalpark

The beauty of the Yosemite Nationalpark

Southern California

Cold weather, sunshine but nevertheless beautiful! 😉

Baja California Part II

 And the journey continued. With that rusty, old van we went north on Baja California. And our words are still not enough to describe this rare beauty.

We made it!! We made it!! We made it…

Baja California. We lost all hope to ever get here. And now we lost all words to describe this place. We hope those pictures might tell you more about this majestic landscape than we ever could. 

Outside of the city- Isla de las piedras 

Parking our van outside of the city showed us more of the true beauty of vanlife. And of course we got stuck. But as a good friend and fellow vanlifer says: What else are we gonna do?!!


Living the dream. Vanlife on the streets of Mazatlan. That is how we spent our first days and nights after moving into the van. And here we met the amazing Taylor and K P as well as another vanliving couple from Switzerland.

Buying an iconic van… 

A long, a very long way…sometimes it was very frustrating and annoying but let’s face it: Absolutely worth it!! We had a lot of breakdowns and always did three steps back and two forward but now we got our first own little house !!! On wheels !!! And we’re about to travel the world! I think our dream totally came true! 


Between ruins and mountaintops

Real de Catorce. A former silver boom town nowadays a tiny, isolated village high up in the barren mountains of the north. Here we found a handful of true craftsman, bad roads, great views and quite nights (disturbed only by that obligatory donkey every now and than).

One year in Mexico

Let those pictures tell you the story of one year in northern Mexico. Of the time Sophie and I spend living and working under the blazing sun deep in Cowboy-Country.

Before the rusty old van

When traveling still meant to pack the tiny Renault, take an even smaller tent and hit the road. Through endless fairytale forests and enchanted blue lakes under the watchful eye of bears and moose.