Our never ending Vanconversion

Vanconversion means that Sophie is laying in the dirt under our van Five months after we bought our rusty, old van and started the vanconversion we live in paradise but we are still so far from our vanlife. And I realised two major issues. First of all old cars might be classy, beautiful and stylish but in every single way they are far more work than I ever imagined. As much fun as it might be if people wave at you on every traffic light it is hardly worth the hours you spend underneath that rusty, old thing soaked in oil and tears of frustration.

Making some progress on the van conversion. A bench and insulation are already built into the busI definitely started appreciating those comforts of modern cars and every cab ride became a joyful experience of luxury. Secondary there is no such thing as a fast vanconversion. At least not when your rule of thumb equals two times measuring and 20 times cutting. And that gets even tougher if you own one of those rusty, old classics where every corner is round rather than square.

Sophie and Merida our doberman laying at the beach and enjoying the sun in paradiseSo fellas to be honest a vanconversion is a beast. It will take you years or even decades to complete and that only if you quit your job and ignore all other social responsibilities. No chance to see your families at Christmas or Thanksgiving. No time for stuff like that 😉

By the way my apologies for the sparse news on the blog. It will get better and it will get more. Soon you will read about everything that happened to us so far and you will read about some details of the conversion. And you’ll find some new photos. So stay tuned and follow us closely once again on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you all for the support and see you on the open road one day.

Love & Peace
Peter & Sophie