Vanlife at Night and Citylife during the Day

And so there we were. Living the #vanlife at night and living the citylife during the day. We put a little propane heater in the van which allowed us to keep it kinda warm even at -30 C. And we started to work on a new project.

This musician friend was in the process of preparing everything for his new record and as a big fan of Sophie’s drawings he asked her to illustrate his songbook. We also produced a promotional video with him which led us onto a frozen lake at midnight. After hours we had polished the ice and built a moon out of fresh green moss. The results were truly amazing but it took us even longer to turn that into a satisfying little video. Weeks went by and before we knew it Christmas was only a few weeks away.

It were busy days and long nights. And it was a wonderful time that we will never forget. Nor the true friends which we made here.

But eventually it was time to start the van’s engine again… or at least try…

See you on the open road one day

Peter & Sophie

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