Vanlife – It’s on!!!

Farewells and new Beginnings

So apparently we made it. Baja California. Vanlife. It took so many breakdowns that in between we lost all hope to ever make it. Ever!!! And I am not talking about miles and miles to go. I am talking about those 10 minutes to the ferry alone. The first thing we gotta do is to thank those true friends we met in Mazatlan. People who made a great difference and gave us the feeling to be home in Mazatlan. People who will forever be in our hearts and in our minds and hopefully in our arms again one day. We love you!DSC_0532

And now it is time to start something new. The real vanlife. A life that is so much more than Autozone parking lots and frustration. A live that is filled with adventures and new discoveries. A life that takes your breath away over and over again. Wether it is the first rays of sunlight kissing your cheeks in the morning or uncounted stars glistering in the nightly sky. Wether it is the rough sea, the majesty of the mountains or the harsh landscape of a Mexican desert.DSC_0665

But we remain marked kids. The fear of another breakdown or more serious issues with our rusty, old van will probably never leave us. And as soon as the pavement looks slightly beaten we expect to get stuck any second.

So stick with us and see what’s next. And as always let us know your thoughts. We are happy to share this journey with you and hope to see you on the open road one day.

Love Peter & SophieDSC_0766