Yukon, Canada- Call of the Wild

As I’m writing these lines we are sitting in a cozy coffee place somewhere in Whitehorse, Canada. Outside the air is freezing cold and the leafs are falling. It has been a while since we talked to you. And meanwhile many things happened. We prepared freshly caught trout on the fire and we spent days without a hot shower. We sealed water leaks and we repaired flat tires. We had chipmunks scream into our faces, black bears grazing next to our van and bold eagles circling over our heads.
But we didn’t have no internet and we didn’t make that our top priority neither. Instead we’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing people we met and the breathtaking sceneries that we drove through.
Of course we had some breakdowns and of course it is kinda cold in our tiny van. But thanks to our blanket, two doberman dogs and two candles we handle the cold quite alright 😉 And luckily we built in two inches of insulation when we converted this van in Mexico.
And so we’ll keep going north for many more miles. And so we’ll keep counting campfires and bears as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. And we’ll keep going north while the birds start going south. And only when the first snow will cover this landscape into a winter wonderland we’ll turn around. We’ll strap snow chains to that tiny van and follow those migratory birds south.

See you on the open road one day

Peter & Sophie